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Why Choose Cyprus


Cyprus History

For a great way to see historic Cyprus why not take one of the many Cyprus Boat Trips or Cyprus excursions. visit some beautiful coves accessible only by Cyprus boat trips or take one of the Cyprus excursions up into the troodas mountains. Just has some places on the coast are reached only via Cyprus boat trips so many places are best reached by Cyprus excursions using off road vehicles. Which ever way you choose to see more of historic Cyprus be sure to book yourself on one of the great Cyprus boat trips or Cyprus excursions before the end of your holiday. The beautiful island of historic Cyprus has seen many visitors come to her shores and not all of them have come to take in the sites. In fact many different Nations have laid claim to this sun kissed haven and tried to make it their own.

Every one from the ancient Egyptians, the Phoenicians, Assyrians and the crusaders have fought over her. In 58 B.C historic Cyprus became part of the Roman Empire and in recent history the British also took control until they handed Cyprus over to the Cypriot people in 1960 to be governed by the Greek and Turkish communities.

Then in 1974 Cyprus became a divided island when Turkish troops occupied the north and it has remained that way up until the present time. Despite initiatives from the outside world to bring about change the only movement forward concerns Turkeys application to join the European Union.

In a recent move by the U.N. To reunite Cyprus a Greek Cypriot majority voted against any such plan and Turkeys admission into the European Union looks set to be delayed for up to 10 years.

However despite the ongoing politics historic Cyprus continues to attract thousands of visitors every year from all over the world. In fact it is an invasion of a different kind I suppose, a friendly welcome invasion which over the years has turned her people into some of the most welcoming in the world. Welcome to historic Cyprus.